The Suter Art Gallery

KNX Lighting control

Bishop Suter Art Gallery, Bridge St, Nelson.

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Glenn Roberts Electrical was the successful contractor for electrical services on this high profile Nelson project, and with the original design utilising fixed switching panels and contactors, we saw an opportunity in offering a KNX based lighting control system that would not only give the gallery exactly what was originally specified,Pic2 but also the ability to update, change, and switch the gallery lights from within the exhibition spaces.


This was a huge advantage for the curator of the gallery, as it meant seeing the different lighting levels within each space and getting a better feel for the setup of each space.


Theben switch actuators were utilised throughout the complex to control Pic3the Gallery track lighting, as well as the general house lighting, offering the required multiple switching locations and also the education spaces where the minimal clutter on the walls is an advantage when wall space is primarily used for showing art.

Gira E2 switch plates were an obvious choice for their low profile and matching look to other items being installed in these spaces.


The wirelessly controlled Samsung touch screen has an iRidium platform developed and implemented by Glenn Roberts Electrical, which mimicked the original gallery light switch panel layout that the exiScreen Shot 2sting staff were used to in the old building, so the operation to the staff is very similar, but with obvious advantages. Scenes are saved when first set, and then recalled each day to reduce time getting the lighting levels right each day. Zennio screens are utilised in the main reception and smaller Galleries for more localised lighting control and master functions.


Roller Blinds in the main foyer area are also controlled via KNX, so staff can easily raise and lower the blinds from anywhere should the need arise.

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