Aotea – GHD consultants offices

Aotea Electric Automation are winners of the 2017 KNX best commercial project award for the second consecutive year. The winning project was for the offices of GHD consultants in Christchruch; although there are not a lot of KNX devices the functionality of the system is impressive and delivered to a budget;


  • Daylight harvesting is achieved with the use of Theben sensors in order to save energy
  • Theben sensors switch the lights on when the room becomes occupied and off when the rooms are vacant for 10 minutes, this maximises power saving and reduces operational costs
  • Zennio Z41 touchscreens are used around the offices replacing banks of buttons, this is not only a cost effective approach but it also results in an intuitive system allowing the user to override the lighting controls is required
  • The KNX system interfaces with DMX colour lighting control to make an impression to visitors and users of the boardroom
  • The KNX also interfaces with the AMX in the board room so that the teleconferencing system is able to adjust the lighting to ensure that the cameras can achieve the best picture
  • Motorised Somfy blinds are controlled by the KNX at dawn and dusk but also utilised to reduce the solar gain on hot days and reduce the energy consumption of the HVAC system
  • KNX interfaces with the HVAC using BACnet in order to give the system occupancy signals and set back the setpoints
  • Bespoke lighting user interface using Eisbaer so that the user is able to control the building exactly how they want but also control the environment remotely from anywhere in the world


KNX is a building environment control system which happens to control lighting as very as a vast number of other systems. In this case it was the ideal system to give the user ultimate holistic control in lieu of a BMS.


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