Facade Management with KNX

Facades_pic_2Automated solar shading in buildings brings better control of building’s lighting and ventilation as well as making better use of solar energy. Effective automated control of facade applications, including blinds, shutters, curtains and windows, will reduce the energy used for a building’s lighting, heating and cooling. Inside, occupants benefit from maximising the use of available daylight, without being subjected to discomfort due to direct solar radiation or excessive contrasts in light levels. All types of building will benefit from effective facade management.

Using KNX certified products for the automatic control of shading devices offers major advantages. They can be integrated seamlessly with other control systems used for HVAC, lighting controls, smart metering, emergency lighting, alarms and door entry systems. These can all be harmonized and controlled by the KNX open protocol and then monitored, programmed and diagnosed via the internet or LAN.

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