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A number of registered KNX NZ members offer certified KNX Partner training and other courses for any professionals interested in KNX technology:

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 Upcoming Courses

 KNX Certification Course

We are running the next KNX Certification training in Auckland on 16-19 November(Mon-Thurs)

Ivory Egg’s experienced KNX tutor, Thomas Khyn, will deliver the KNX Basic Certification course. The course, for a maximum of 8 students, covers the 10 required modules and includes practical training using equipment from various manufacturers and approved by KNX International. The training concludes with a written and practical test following which the student may be registered as a KNX Partner. Training will be performed using the latest ETS5 configuration and commissioning tool.

Cost: $1500 per student ex. GST, incl. course material, venue, lunch coffee and tea etc.

Register at by selecting ‘sign in’ in the top right of the page.
Under My Account > My Applications you can enter the course code BAS/2015/8476

As a special recognition of the 25th birthday of KNX this week, KNX International are offering a free license for ETS5 Lite to all enrolled students.

Also, if your company is a member of ECANZ, upon successful completion of the course you will receive a voucher worth 50% of the cost of an ETS5 Professional license.

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